It’s been a while. A really long while. I’ve graduated, moved home, moved out, redid a mini house, and now moved into the mini redone house. Today i decided that i NEED to start blogging again, with passion, or something. So here it goes, my third attempt at this whole blogging gig as a designer. Advertisements Continue reading Phew.

Invite Inspiration Board Of This Second

I’m constantly changing my mood/theme/style/aesthetic of design…”i wanna do this, no i wanna look like this, no what if i do this” which is  good and bad thing i’d say. Good because it shows me what i CAN do, bad because it takes me a while to complete a freelance idea (or longer than i’d like). Todays scattered faves are the following for obvious reasons.   Continue reading Invite Inspiration Board Of This Second

monday mood board | 06

Keira Lennox This week: the brighter, bolder side of spring. yellow sweater | Choosy floral print tea towel | “you’re so very, very pretty” | Michelle Armas painting via Lonny | Gary Pepper brights | colorful stilettos | A House in the Hills romper | colored pencils | spring nail polishes | chevron painting | hot pink anenomes | watercolors | spring street style | flowers w/ color guide | cactus print iPhone wallpaper | Loren Hope spring campaign  View original post Continue reading monday mood board | 06

A new spin on portraits

One thing thats fun/frustrating about being a designer is comparing yourself, and i mean that in the happiest way. Comparing yourself to other designers, comparing your style, skills, techniques, even color schemes. I love looking at a great design, great image, great logo and thinking “what do i love about this, and how can i incorporate it into my own work”, i also love thoughts like “i could do that” or secretly thinking “i could do better than that”… but what really pushes me are the “What the hell…” thoughts. The times when im in awe thinking, how the heck … Continue reading A new spin on portraits

The Eastwood: Update

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to get The Eastwood up and running. Purchased on January 2nd 2014, it is official open to the public, and we had an amazing opening weekend. Renovating the entire space with lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of patience was tough over 2 months, but it could not have turned out any more beautiful. From paint, curtains, floors, floors again…and again, to more paint, shelving, menu work, menu rework, menu re-re-rework, and countless tears, laughter, and nearly reaching the point of a nervous breakdown, we got it done just … Continue reading The Eastwood: Update